Four Core Exercises, Mini Core Workout, Four-Exercise Circuit

Friday, January 22nd 2010

- by Joey Atlas, MS, Exercise Physiology
Four Core Exercises, Mini Core Workout, Four-Exercise Circuit

In this core exercise video I demonstrate 4 moves which you can use as a stand-alone, mini core workout – Or you can add it to any other core/abdominal workout you currently follow.

These are the four core exercises:

1 – Oblique Reverse Crunch on Incline

2 – Slow Sit-Up, On Incline w/ Sight Rotation

3 – Twisting Plank, Elbow to Knee

4 – Core Rotation w/ Band, High to Low Variation

If you want to focus on only these core movements – and you want to increase the intensity of the workout – you can do that in several ways…

A – You can go through the circuit more than once – maybe 2, 3 or even 4 times – depending on your ability.

B – You can increase the number of repetitions in each exercise.

C – You can increase the reps and the number of times you go through the sequence.

D – You can also combine this with a simple but effective fat-loss cardio exercise sequence (like this one below) – and alternate between the two.

NOTE: Before starting an exercise program, of any nature, it is highly recommended you get your doctor’s clearance first. Better safe than sorry.

Let me know how you do with this core exercise video by posting your comments below – AND please share the link to this page with all your friends. This will help me and allow to create more of these freebies for you in the future.

Your trainer,

Joey Atlas

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