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Upper-Body DVD: LEVEL 1

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We Ship Worldwide

The DVDs are Region Free – and Play In Every Country

You have 365 Days to Put These DVDs to the Test. If You Don’t Like Your Incredible Results – Then Just Place Them Back in the Package and Send Them Back to Me for a Refund. Yes – that’s an amazing guarantee. A guarantee you will not find anywhere else.

And if you’re the type who “needs to see everything I get in writing”… then, here you go…

Level 1) Beginners Workout AND Warm up for Intermediate & Advanced Users

– $24.97 – when sold separately
This DVD includes 13 exercises, each with at least 2 -3 variations for various beginner levels (over 30 total exercise variations), all targeting the entire abdominal area, the lower & mid back and ALL layers of the CORE. (Also includes a Pre & Post workout 8 minute Core Stretch Routine)

Level 2) Intermediate Training Program

– $24.97 – when sold separately
This DVD includes 16 exercises, (with 11 additional variations – all targeting the same areas as above, but at a higher intensity.) (Also included are between set, transition stretches.) I also introduce you to 2 of the lowest cost, most effective ab/core devices that you can find for between $8 and $35 (or free in your neighbors garage!!) – no big machine can ever do what these little gems can do for you.)

Level 3) Advanced Training Program

– $24.97 – when sold separately
This DVD includes 17 exercises (& 2 extra variations), with 5 additional High Intensity Ab/Core variations (Medicine Ball & Incline Bench required for these Bonus Exercises) -(24 exercises total) all targeting the same areas as above, at the highest – but SAFEST intensity. NOTE – My programs are based on Exercise Science, but structured according to the Science of Modern Day Reality.

DVD Bonus Footage

– The Seven Absolute Best Ab, Core & Lower Back Stretches DVD Bonus Footage for an athletic, flexible and pain free body. This valuable bonus footage is included on DVD – Level one – This is great for warming up, cooling down and relaxing all of the muscles of the midsection & Lower Back. If you paly golf, tennis, baseball or softball these stretches alone will bring your game up ‘a few notches’.
– $29.85 (FREE with Special Orders)

What good is a scientifically based program if you can’t take it out of the ‘research lab’ and apply to real life people, with real life jobs and real life families. If you want a program that is more science, as opposed to usable substance you’ll have to keep looking. My program cuts to the chase & gives you the answers on the spot. If you are like most people you don’t have the time or the need to learn the Why, the How, the What kind of stuff – You just want to know what to do and you’ll do it, period.

Level 4) Advanced Maintenance Combining Method (This is in the Progression Plan PDFs – not a dvd)

– 19.99 (FREE with Special Orders)
After you get the look you desire, all you have to do is maintain it. And despite what you may have heard from ‘others’ – its not as hard as everyone says. Just follow this Advanced Maintenance Method and everything you’ve achieved will stay right where you want it.

- The Awesome Eight Uper Body Bonus DVD (dvd # 4)

– 8 Unique Body-weight, Upper-Body Exercises you can do anywhere, anytime to give your upper body that chiseled, toned, sexy, defined, lean and complete look that everybody wants but only few are willing to achieve. This one will knock your socks off! No Weights, No Gym – NO PROBLEM – This one takes away all excuses!
– $25.97 (FREE with Special Orders)

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The regular price for the complete Abs of Stone/Core of Steel DVD Package is $77.95 – But if you order today you’ll get the entire program, plus all the bonus items for only $38.97 plus $4.95 USA shipping (or $9.95 International shipping).

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“Just in case you’re worried about the slim possibility of this not working for you, no problem. If you are not happy with your stunning results just send back your DVDs, within one year from date of purchase, with a note to issue you a refund. And you will be refunded with no questions asked. That’s how confident I am in my program. It works! And just for trying it out, you can keep all the free gifts….”

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You will either get me or my assistant, Pam.

Yes, I know this may seem a little crazy because there are other ‘fitness experts’ selling downloadable e-books for the same price! – and they have absolutely no costs!! No Production & no shipping! (Don’t get me wrong – a few of them are very good – but most of them are outdated and harmful.)

That’s a joke, I mean, its a book printed on free electrons sent to you by email.

And who can do a workout looking at a ‘book’ on your computer screen? – that’s ridiculous!

And who knows what is in these e-books, these guys can all be selling the same e-book for all we know.

I could have done the same thing. However, I want to give my customers the best chance at getting top notch results, and DVDs are the best way to do that. At home or on the road, there will be NO MORE excuses. Just press play and your workout begins, with me as your trainer!

No models, no body doubles, no stunt men – just me, Joey Atlas – showing you rep by rep, set by set – exactly what you should be doing to get where you want to be.

I’ve seen all those other websites with the silly sales pitches & I could sit here and tell you “I get $500 for a half hour consultation with me and I can sell this package for $285″ and all that other crap, but come on – I’m not here to insult your intelligence.

I genuinely want to help you – it is what I do – it is part of who I am & it is my way of giving back to the universe. You see my photos, you know who I am – you can email me – you can call me (if you don’t get me leave a message). If my work doesn’t help you – I want to give you a refund, you will not have to fight for it. (I have one of the lowest return rates in my industry – something I am very proud of.)

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– If you are serious about achieving permanent fitness results in the shortest amount of time – without spending 2 or 3 hours at the gym every day, then don’t leave this page without placing your order. I made this program for people exactly like you. I’ve been doing this stuff my whole life – I know what works in the ‘The Real World’ & I know what is a waste of time. Allow me to be your fitness coach, your Personal Trainer. If you are ready to smash through the obstacles & barriers that have held you back, this is your perfect opportunity staring you right in the face. Will you stay right where you are, or will you take control & move forward on your fitness journey?