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Ab Exercises for a Tightly Toned, Flat Stomach – Huh???

Thursday, February 4th 2010


Ab Exercises for a Tightly Toned, Flat Stomach …Huh???

“Can certain ab exercises give you a flat stomach?”

“Are there certain movements that can remove excess belly fat?”

“What’s a good exercise to flatten my belly?”

These are all questions I’ve been asked hundreds of times over the past 21 years. And these questions will never end – as most people simply don’t understand how the body works – let alone just lose belly fat.

Truth is – there are no single ab exercises that can remove excess belly fat. So, when the typical man or woman asks that question – the answer is ‘No’. There is no magical exercise which can get rid of a fat and flabby stomach. (and it’s also never going to happen with an ‘electrical’ belt that contracts your ab muscles for you…)

That being said – it is surely possible to create a very condensed, and simple, ab exercise routine which can be a critical element in helping to tighten and tone your midsection. But there are a few other ingredients that are needed.

Those belly flattening ingredients are:

1 – A simple and properly structured eating plan. The key here is for your caloric intake to be synchronized with your appetite and your metabolism. If you are eating too much, even if it’s all “healthy” food, you will not be able to burn off the excess fat around your waistline. So, you want to avoid the caloric/metabolic mismatch (this causes MANY people years of frustration).

2 – A reasonable dose of cardiovascular/aerobic exercise. This doesn’t mean you have to run 3.5 miles everyday, or be on the elliptical machine for 50 minutes a day. This can be as simple as a 15-minute combination of step up & downs, jumping jacks and full body up & downs – just to name a few. Sure, some days you may feel like doing a 35-minute sweat-breaking run or cardio-kickbox class, which is fine – but not always necessary.

So, with the eating properly tuned-in (in a simple and straightforward way) and some short doses of realistic cardio – you will set yourself up for metabolic synchronization – and then adding the right types of core and ab exercises will give you the precise ingredients for getting rid of your belly fat – and unleashing a tightly toned stomach.

Here are some of the ab exercises to include (full demonstration instructions, by me, for these plus 3 dozen others are included in the Abs of Stone/Core of Steel DVDs):

A – Plank Walks – starting in plank position, keeping body elevated – slowly lift each foot/leg toward sky – alternating with each repetition.

B – V-sits – sitting on mat – lift feet off ground – lean back slowly as you extend your legs to straight. When your shoulder blades touch mat, return to top position by bring knees and chest toward each other.

C – Elbow to Opposite Knee Twists

D – Side Plank for Repetitions

So – in an indirect way – ‘Yes’ you can get a flat stomach with certain ab exercises – But you have to have a few other critical pieces of your ‘belly flattening’ plan in place in order to see serious results. Now that you know what they are – it’s time for you to get moving.

Is something still holding you back? If so, click on ‘comments’ below and let me hear about it.

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Your trainer for life,

— Joey Atlas

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Four Core Exercises, Mini Core Workout, Four-Exercise Circuit

Friday, January 22nd 2010

- by Joey Atlas, MS, Exercise Physiology
Four Core Exercises, Mini Core Workout, Four-Exercise Circuit

In this core exercise video I demonstrate 4 moves which you can use as a stand-alone, mini core workout – Or you can add it to any other core/abdominal workout you currently follow.

These are the four core exercises:

1 – Oblique Reverse Crunch on Incline

2 – Slow Sit-Up, On Incline w/ Sight Rotation

3 – Twisting Plank, Elbow to Knee

4 – Core Rotation w/ Band, High to Low Variation

If you want to focus on only these core movements – and you want to increase the intensity of the workout – you can do that in several ways…

A – You can go through the circuit more than once – maybe 2, 3 or even 4 times – depending on your ability.

B – You can increase the number of repetitions in each exercise.

C – You can increase the reps and the number of times you go through the sequence.

D – You can also combine this with a simple but effective fat-loss cardio exercise sequence (like this one below) – and alternate between the two.

NOTE: Before starting an exercise program, of any nature, it is highly recommended you get your doctor’s clearance first. Better safe than sorry.

Let me know how you do with this core exercise video by posting your comments below – AND please share the link to this page with all your friends. This will help me and allow to create more of these freebies for you in the future.

Your trainer,

Joey Atlas